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Dentist clinic

Provide medical grade water purification equipment and match the local water quality to the most suitable equipment.

Medical center

Medical center adopts centralized medical grade water purifier planning.

Community residential

Community residential using centralized household water purifier planning


water production speed, and reach the food level standard can be matched with ultraviolet sterilization function.

Industrial Park

Water Filtration For Home Use

Japan original water-ionizer


  • a number of international quality certificates
  • 7 "12-slot platinum electrolysis cells"
  •  With 17 sections of alkaline fine adjustment and 1 section of acidic function
  • Made in Japan Kyushu Hitachi
  • Reduction potential ratio
  • Taiwan water quality
  •  Filter life / PH value / instant flow / instant ORP value LCD display function, at a glance
  • One Touch water switch button
  • Hollow fiber membrane aperture
  • Under qualified water source, the electrolyzer is guaranteed to be cleaned for 5 years.
  •  According to the SGS inspection and certification, the filtration rates of E. coli, heavy metals, lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and pesticides of Barlason, Da Lisong, Yi Pinsong and Yasuiling are all over 99%.
  •  Size: width 24cm x depth 2cm x32cm
  • Applicable places: high-grade kitchenware, household use
  • 3-year warranty"

Full household water purification system


Weight: empty machine 5.1kg, filter heart 60 ° C

Heat resistant temperature: body 71 ° C, filter core 60 ° C

Filtration: 200.000 liters

Dimensions: diameter 18.5. x height 70 (cm)

➤【Heat-resistant, high-pressure resistant, UV-resistant casing】

➤【effectively resists sediment, rust, lime】
➤[The outer layer is in accordance with the US NSF standard]

➤[Using Japanese ユニチカ imported 100% pure carbon fiber]

Water dispenser for kitchen


Voltage: 110V or 220V

Capacity: 4.5 liters of hot water

Power consumption: hot water 650W

Faucet size: width 4.2 x depth 17 x height 24.8 cm

Heater size: width 19 x depth 29 x height 41 cm

➤[Patent LED prompt function switch machine]

➤[Patent LED aura water temperature situation display]
➤[Smart Auto Learn Touch Program Management]

➤[Touch Security Child Anti-scalding Function]

Touch desktop purifying water dispenser (ice/warm/hot)


Voltage: 110V

Heat consumption power: 750W water, 500W insulation

Capacity: hot water 3L, warm water 2L, ice water 1.5L

Water output: hot water 7.5L / hour, ice water 3L / hour

Specifications: width 31cm x depth 55cm x height 51cm (including water box)

➤Touch one-touch to enjoy your good water

➤Flexible insulation mode

➤Automatically perform safety inspection to ensure normal operation of the product

➤Ice, warm and hot cylinders are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure water quality

➤Innovative "IR detection" and "dual mode power saving" design

Double-effect antibacterial water purification system


Accessories: American ceramic gooseneck faucet

Dimensions: width 27x depth 10 x height 29cm

➤【Open and drink, no need to boil】 ➤【Environmental protection and energy saving design】

➤【High-performance nano-activated carbon, purify water quality】 ➤【Double antibacterial effect, double peace of mind】

Water purifier for business

Cabinet type intrusion- water dispenser(ice/cold/hot)


Voltage: 110 or 220V

Capacity: 3.5 liters of hot water, 9.5 liters of cold water, 1.5 liters of ice water

Electricity consumption: 700W hot water, 210W cold water

Water output: hot water 6L/h, cold water 10L/h, ice water 3L/h

Dimensions: 595 X 480 X 455 (mm)

➤[The hot water is automatically and safely locked to prevent accidental touch]

➤【Automatic water shortage does not heat the system, avoid empty burning】 ➤【Automatic water replenishment function, easy to use】

➤【With hot water forced re-boiling device to ensure hot water temperature】 ➤【The first three-stage LED red-blue-white light water guiding lighting】

Ozone sterilization system


Power supply: DC 13.5V 700 mA

Power consumption: standby 0.6W, working 12W

Control system: AI artificial intelligence automatic control

Ozone output: 0.6 ± 0.1 ppm

Total ozone control: internal key 50 minutes each time

Automatic system: patented DFC detection

Scale removal: automatic descaling of induction points

Light identification: blue for power indication / green for ozone output

Model size: 105 (L) X46 (W) X190 (H) in mm.

➤ [Four patents, new technology, let you use water more peace of mind] ➤ [DIY easy installation, immediately evolved into a sterilization faucet]

➤【No pollution, no residue, no chemical agents, zero pollution sterilization】 ➤【Tap water instantly turns into ozone sterilization water, only sterilization does not hurt people】

➤ [Not only clean, but also sterilization, multi-functional washing water comprehensive upgrade]

Black fashion touch drinking station(hot / cold )


[Touch Panel System Specification]

Voltage: 110V or 220V

Capacity: 4.5 liters of hot water

Power consumption: hot water 650W

Heater size: width 19 x depth 29 x height 41 (cm)

Water tray area: width 33.5 x depth 17.5 (cm)

➤【Japan WAKO Temperature Controller】 ➤【Patent LED prompt function switch machine】

➤[Patent LED aura water temperature situation display] ➤ [Smart automatic learning touch program management]

Central large water treatment system

➤[This product is custom-made, we'll made a quote after the assessment
on - site.]

A new generation of hook-and-tube water dispensers (ice/hot)

- Regulated spray faucet, 2-stage water outlet switch
- Ice and hot water dual temperature use
- Made of colored steel plate, fireproof, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain
- Made in Taiwan, quality certification, double certification

Voltage 110V or 220V
Capacity Hot water 3.3 liters / Ice water 3.3 liters
Water output 8 liters/hour of hot water; 11 liters/hour of ice water (CNS standard test)
Electricity consumption Hot water 750W / Ice water 215W
Measurement Width 36 x Depth 32 x Height 123 (with hookpipe) cm (±0.5cm)"


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